Get Ready to Make YOUR Next BIG Decision.

Are you ready to feel conviction and purpose and get CRYSTAL CLEAR on your NEXT CHAPTER?

Are you a driven woman experiencing a Mid-Life Awakening? At a crossroads, eager for a change, facing a transition or a major life decision?

If so, you are in the RIGHT place.

Did you answer "YES"?

Make no mistake you have found your next step.

Landing here was meant to be!

There are NO coincidences.

​We partner with DRIVEN Women to gain CLARITY on their IDEAL LIFE and ACTUALLY LIVE IT.

Leveraging the YOU Decide Framework, you will:

Unleash your POTENTIAL




Positively IMPACT the world around you

UPGRADE your outlook on life

IMPROVE relationships and career


Write YOUR NEXT CHAPTER with us!

Enough of the self-doubt, negative self-talk, and inaction.

Time to get out of YOUR OWN WAY.

No more excuses.

You DESERVE to live your BEST LIFE.

The YOU Decide Framework is designed to inspire and energize you to uncover the life you desire. You will get CRYSTAL CLEAR on your aspirations and learn how to unlock the power of the Law of Attraction in YOUR LIFE.

The LAW OF ATTRACTION is ALWAYS in action just like the Law of Gravity.

You will learn concepts, tools and exercises to MANIFEST your IDEAL LIFE.

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As a leader in healthcare, continuously keeping patients, staff and immediate team front of mind, it's easy to leave yourself behind.

Julie's approach enables a refocus; allowing for & encouraging reflection, visioning and, best of all, seeing results!

- C.M Regional Nurse Executive

This has been an experience that is well worth it. My journey started with needing to make a change, and the sessions have been so valuable. It has led me to be more accountable, given me a fresh new perspective, and overall happiness. I am happy with the decision that I made to take this journey and recommend it to anyone wanting to make some change in their life.

- Kelli S Healthcare Executive

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As a Master Certified Life Coach, I offer expert coaching services and am dedicated to helping you discover your passion, commit to the work, and see amazing results. I believe that the life of your dreams exists...and you have the power to build and live it!